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Ancient Chinese Inventions and Contributions

Antiquated Chinese Inventions and Contributions Humanities 111 Professor Abstract The accompanying paper will show the commitments from old Chinese culture is stunning. There are numerous creations and commitments that follow back to old Chinese culture. The main ten developments and commitments keep on continuing giving in today’s society. Old Chinese has added to helping employments to exist, battle wars, and add to the general open lives with their creations and contributions.We as individuals living and continuing on ahead never truly set aside the effort to consider where and who has developed the delights we experience every day. One model is our own one of a kind cub scouts, go on a major celebration consistently. They ordinarily go outdoors and climbing. A compass is utilized during this time span. If you somehow happened to ask the normal boy trooper, who imagined the compass? Many couldn't tell who or when was the compass concocted. Old Chinese four most valuable com mitments or developments made were black powder, the compass, paper making, and printing.These four creations are extraordinary in their own specific manner. I will clarify why these four are the most valuable innovations made by old Chinese. One of only a handful scarcely any dangerous innovations of old Chinese development was that of black powder. The disclosure of black powder prompted the innovation of guns and altered combat zones in the Asian Continent. Chinese chemists, whom were scanning for a mixture of life, inadvertently found the unstable property of explosive at some point around ninth century AD. Before the finish of the tenth century, Asian forces had presented projectiles, rough bombs and guns onto battlefields.Use of guns and greater guns additionally got common. (Yinke Deng, 2005) The compass was one of the most significant innovative improvements in antiquated China because of the way that it advanced and helped investigation that was started by Chinese rulers. T he improvement of the compass made China the primary magnificent force on the planet. The Chinese domain was without a doubt named as a supreme force until the finish of government in China and the illustrious spot was otherwise called the Imperial Palace. The specific period or tradition during which the Chinese developed the innovation of paper producing is uncertain.It is sure that the innovation prompted a lot more progressions as it encouraged researchers, scholars and authors of Chinese human advancement. Paper that was concocted in old China was utilized as a mechanism of composing, however inventive Chinese pioneers likewise utilized it as a crude material for assembling packs just as paper cash. Paper making can be followed down to the Han tradition, which managed from 202 BC to 220 AD, when court official Cai Lun set out to the assignment of making paper. He conveyed mulberry, bast strands, and waste material, for example, old clothes and hemp squander. Yinke Deng, 2005) L un likewise utilized angling nets to tie the materials together. Some archeological discoveries in any case, recommend that paper in antiquated China may have been concocted during the eighth century BC. The innovation of printing is viewed as one of the most significant developments, because of the way that it made books less expensive. Less expensive books guaranteed an informed society. Numerous lines of squires and researchers from old China added to the improvement of the print machine. Printing innovation began advancing at some point around 868 BC, with the printing of the first printed book titled The Diamond Sutra.The book was printed with the assistance of the wood square printing. It had become a trend setting innovation before the finish of the Song administration. Author Shen Kuo, who was additionally a squire of Songs, advanced the utilization of printing for the spread of information. Bi Sheng, who was a craftsman, imagined the mobile artistic printing. Creators like Hua Sui additionally endeavored to imagine the metal castings and rollers for portable printing. There are eight to ten valuable creations and commitments from the antiquated Chinese that are still being used today.The ten old Chinese helpful innovations or commitments are paper money, line crops, profound penetrating for gas, firecrackers, black powder, the fire hurler, the parachute, the wheel hand truck, rudder, and the compass. Chinese creations have added to humanity from multiple points of view. A large number of their revelations begin in one shape and can stretch out to at least three final results. The four creations or commitments from the antiquated Chinese that have had the most effect on numerous nations and even changed the course of history partly were paper money, black powder, the parachute, and profound boring for gas.I trust them to be the most shrewd and imaginative of innovations. Paper cash changed the methods of taking care of cash. The hours of conveying gold coins and valuable metals to buy merchandise and enterprises were finished. Before paper money carrying gold and valuable metals around was hazardous and difficult to hide. Paper cash is lightweight, discrete, and still exists in the public arena today. Just as money, the manners in which that explosive has changed society are many. Black powder has added to the weapon, firecrackers, and explosives of numerous types.The use is wide gone and without the utilization explosive wars would have been much harder to win and significantly progressively crude in style. It is difficult to envision the common war without the utilization of black powder rifle weapons and guns. The creation of the parachute have likewise helped from multiple points of view. Parachutes have spared numerous pilots’ lives. At the point when a plane flops in the sky or during a war when a plane is destroyed, pilots can parachute to security. Parachutes have encouraged the United States troops with battling w ars on hostile areas. Profound penetrating for gas has helped numerous nations to all the more likely use their own resources.Deep boring for gas has helped the United States in the battle to practice environmental awareness and help the earth. The profound boring for gas method has given numerous Americans occupations in the over a wide span of time, and it is answerable for a lot of America’s pay. The old Chinese have designed and added to the disclosure of numerous things utilized in the public arena today. The one development I can't live without is paper cash. Cash is the thing that makes life as we know it possible. I use cash each day for a wide range of reasons. Regularly, I use cash (paper money) to buy gas, lunch, and beverages.On a week by week premise I use paper cash to lease DVDs, go out to see the films, take my significant other out to supper, and get my hair style. It has changed and encourage the world definitely. Paper cash is available for use from a wide range of nations and all fluctuate in worth and structures. References Yinke Deng. (October 2005). Antiquated Chinese Inventions. China. China Intercontinental press Suzanne Morgan Williams. (January 1997). Made in China: Ideas and Inventions from Ancient China. Berkley, California. Pacific Press. (2008). Creation of Paper. Recovered from http://www. culture-4-travel. com/development of-paper. html.

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Writing a critique for an article Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Composing an evaluate for an article - Essay Example The creator being bilingual had less mastery in English language and needed to confront trouble in the open where English was the main informative medium. The creator passes on that being bilingual is certainly not a simple encounter when one is less master in one of the bilingual dialects (Thesis). The writer in his article is telling the perusers that his kin communicated in Spanish at home and learned English at school. The creator here steps up to the plate and clarify the problem of Mexican transients in an America where all communicated in English. Creator additionally clarifies about the new â€Å"bilingual program† which was propelled by Government that permitted kids to utilize their family language in school. Be that as it may, he is basic about this arrangement as he trusts it unthinkable for a kid to utilize any language separated from English in American school condition. In his article (Rodriguez 26) composes that â€Å"It isn't workable for a kid, any kid ever to utilize, ever to utilize his family language in school†. Creator is clarifying about the anxiety his family felt in American land, yet can he not treat it as one of the penance he have to experience so as to get a quality life in America. Despite the fact that being bilingual is a mind boggling marvel, after an impressive time, he would have gotten master in English which would helped his future massively .It is a well established truth that there is no addition without torment and this bilingual issue could have trifled with additional by the creator. The creator clarifies that in school he was just permitted to Speak English. As author’s family had associate with their family members he delighted in the Spanish language just at the solace of home. He alluded to Americans as â€Å"los gringos† which delineates the distance he felt inside the American culture. Writer describes to the perusers that he was dull in English language and had no certainty of communicating in this unknown dialect. As indicated by (Rodriguez 27) â€Å"My own sound I couldn't hear, however I realized that I communicated in English

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Writing About John Lennon - Essay Samples

Writing About John Lennon - Essay SamplesWhen you are looking for ways to learn about John Lennon and his life, then you should consider looking for John Lennon essay samples online. There are a number of sites that are dedicated to providing information about the life of this great poet and songwriter. Some of these sites will provide an essay sample, while others will not.You can find all sorts of John Lennon essay samples in a number of places on the internet. The first place you should go is the site that has been dedicated to giving you information about Lennon. This site will be very informative, and it will contain everything you need to know about Lennon's life and accomplishments.Another place you should consider looking is at the site called Serena Marshall. Marshall is a great writer and she can offer you many essays and other forms of written material on the life of John Lennon. She also provides many places where you can get your essay samples.The other place you can get your literature samples from is the internet. You will find a number of sites online that offer free literature samples of Lennon, but you should pay close attention to their terms of service before you agree to use their resources. If you have questions about what the site is offering, you should feel free to ask them and not just accept anything without questioning the information first.It is very easy to find a variety of John Lennon essay samples on the internet. Many people choose to go to sites that offer such information as a part of their membership. Other people choose to buy books about Lennon, and the books they purchase may also come with literature samples that they can read online. Either way, the person who is looking for literature samples of Lennon will be able to find them easily and quickly.Those who really want to understand how John Lennon grew and wrote his most popular songs may find some great writing on the site 'J.R.R. Tolkien: Guide to Middle Earth.' This site features many essays that look at the Tolkien world and look at the creation of the songs that were written about it. Those who really want to understand the world that Tolkien created may find this a great place to begin their understanding of the man. Those who have not read Tolkien's books may find that reading his essays is a great place to start.John Lennon essay samples are a great place to begin your understanding of the life of John Lennon. It is possible to find them in many places on the internet, so no matter what you are interested in, you should never have any trouble finding one. They will be a great way to get you started when you are ready to take the next step and learn more about John Lennon and his life.When you are looking for ways to understand the life of John Lennon, you should consider using the writings of Serena Marshall, J.R.R. Tolkien, and other writers who are writing about John Lennon. You can learn a lot about this great poet by doing this, and t his knowledge will help you understand the world that he came from.

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Beyond The Healthy Marriage Initiative - 1240 Words

Chaney, C. (2009). Beyond the Healthy Marriage Initiative: How Extension Agents can promote healthy relationships among low-income, cohabiting African American Couples. North Carolina State University Extension. The Healthy Marriage Initiative provided funds to allow various programs to be organized to help fulfill its goals of promoting healthy marriages. The author suggested that extension agents have understanding in how they can help accomplish the coals of the Healthy Marriage Initiative in regards to low-income, African-American couples, with children. Chaney provides background and research of cohabitating and single parenthood in African American families. She further discussed the African American Healthy Marriage Initiative (a branch of the original Healthy Marriage Initiative), in which cultural competency and the responsibilities of fathers are stressed. Chaney, based on previous research, suggested that extension agents should be aware of their values and biases regarding cohabitating families and recognize the context of cohabitating relationships. Extension agents can provide specific examples to families of ways in which their families can be strengthened. They can further help families understand the effects of poor and low-quality relationships. Finally, the author suggests specific ways in which extension agents can better understand the context and climate surrounding cohabiting families, as well as the goals of these families. Fincham, F.D., Beach,Show MoreRelatedRhetorical Analysis Of Divorce920 Words   |  4 Pagesespecially those which have children. †Currently, about 46 percent of all marriages are projected to end in divorce† (953). It is slowly becoming considered more, and more normal everyday. In the article â€Å"Strengthening marriage is an appropriate social policy goal†, Paul R. Amato discusses how government funded programs are crucial to the stability of a healthy marriage, and how this further contributes to the upbringing of a healthy, functioning child. Frank F. Furstenberg then presents a counter-argumentRead MoreThe Problem Of The Female Youth Population1519 Words   |  7 Pagesin the street, tomorrow could be a future contributor to a prosperous economy. Today’s her first day of school; tomorrow could be her first day of labor force. Today’s 11 year old girl without education or healthcare could be tomorrow’s key to a healthy, flourishing so ciety. The well-being of the female youth population is a primary contribution to the welfare of a successful social and economic result in varying communities. 600 million of these adolescent girls live in developing countries; mostRead MoreSex Is A Good Thing Essay1556 Words   |  7 PagesMany people do not realize the actual benefits that sex provides marriages. Some believe that after the stage of getting married and having kids, most couples don’t have sex anymore. Dr. David wrote this book to educate people on how to have great sex even after being married for 20 years and having almost no biological sex drive left! The book is set up into three sections that help build and understand intimacy and how it correlates with sex in married couples. The first section, The BasicsRead MoreWhat Type Of Strengths Which A Person Possesses? Essay1683 Words   |  7 Pagesthe desired objectives. To promote the organizations and work in effective and efficient value based leadership is a significant one. (Hartline et al, 200) (Ahmad Ghayyur, 2014) Like strength based leadership, value based leadership goes one step beyond and assist in execution of the leader’s strengths. Employees on the other hand are found worth with good leadership as leaders define the pathways to develop them with continuation for improvement. (Schnieder et al. 2003) (Ahmad Ghayyur, 2014) EmployeesRead MoreBowen Familys System Theory And Structural Family Theory Analysis1583 Words   |  7 Pagesbecame extremely needy and overly dependent. She excessively relied on my emotional support which precipitated an enormous amount of anxiety. She was so preoccupied with spending time with me she hardly ever made time for herself nor time for her marriage that w as on the rock. Essentially, her emotional reaction as a result of my fathers absence created significant changes in her parenting style. My mother was often demanding, critical, and resentful about anything I wanted to do outside the familyRead MoreThe Needs Of The Elderly Patient1662 Words   |  7 Pagesactivities of daily living. Social History J.B. is a 70 year old woman who grew up in rural West Virginia on a tobacco farm in the 1950s. She left home in 1963 at the age of 18, got married, and had two children but divorced seven years later when the marriage deteriorated. She remarried her second husband a year later and had a third child. They have been married for over 40 years and she describes their relationship as very close. Her children keep in contact with her but only her daughter lives nearbyRead MoreThe Effects Of Welfare On The United States1455 Words   |  6 Pagesprimarily provided by volunteers and the church. Once the great depression hit, Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt created the â€Å"New Deal† policies that included new federal initiatives to help those in poverty. With millions of people unemployed during the 1930s economic depression, welfare assistance was beyond the financial resources of the states. the federal government mainly provided funds directly to recipients through programs developed such as medical care (Medicaid), supplementalRead MoreE-Health, Negotiations And Change Essay example1502 Words   |  7 Pagesweve come to rely on for expert, quality care. These mergers have involved major conflicts and negotiations including the consolidation of electronic data. The magnitude of the patient information that is now shared by these mega-giants can be beyond the consumers expectations for privacy and confidentiality. Although the HIPAA regulations govern the healthcare industry in protecting the privacy and confidentiality of the patient, such guarantees on websites relies on the ethical principles ofRead MoreA New Era Of Freedom And Liberty1849 Words   |  8 Pagescritically, and even to question about things and values. It is beyond doubt that being open-minded is sometimes a sign of the progress of the era, and it is not bad that we are willing to reflect upon our traditions. But when questions and challenges come to some most sensitive a nd unquestionable thing deep down at the bottom line of human nature, the whole society could shake. What I am going to talk about is such thing as same-sex marriage. Since the end of World War II, society has been givingRead MoreTrust and Relationship Issues2159 Words   |  9 Pageswas given by the website Articlesbase, â€Å"This level of organizational trust empowers your readers to focus on what they do best without having to worry about babysitting the people who work for them. This level of trust also builds an emotionally healthy atmosphere which makes it easier for your employees to deal graciously and comfortably with your customers. As you can imagine, this level of high trust can have a dramatic impact on both customer and employee loyalty and therefore increase the potential

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Nutritional Knowledge And Athletes Nutrition - 1661 Words

Tyler Inch Nutrition Paper Nutritional Knowledge and Athletes How well do you know nutrition? Do you know the recommended daily intakes of the three macronutrients – carbohydrates, proteins, and fats? All people have varying levels of nutritional knowledge and there are a number of ways that a person can go about enhancing their nutritional knowledge including Internet research and speaking with a nutritionist or dietitian. However, no matter how much any person knows about nutrition, one would most likely assume that a person with more knowledge of nutrition would make healthier or better decisions regarding nutrition. Nutrition can be difficult enough for anyone but being an athlete changes a person’s dietary needs, which makes the necessary nutritional knowledge of an athlete different from that of others. In recent years, there have been a number of studies done regarding the nutritional knowledge of athletes and their nutritional habits. There was one study that examined male collegiate athletes and their knowledge about pro tein needs while another looked for a correlation between nutritional knowledge and nutritional habits in professional rugby players. A third study looked at the effect of a sports dietitian and gender differences on nutritional habits for collegiate athletes. In the following paragraphs, these three studies will be discussed in further detail. Protein is one of the three macronutrients required by the body and athletes generally require moreShow MoreRelatedSports Nutrition : The Primary Goal Of Sports1137 Words   |  5 PagesChapter II Sports Nutrition Literature The primary goal of sports nutrition is to achieve energy balance by ensuring an adequate caloric intake in the correct proportion of macronutrients (American Dietetic Association, 2000). These recommendations coupled with the need for quality training and adequate rests are the cornerstones for optimal athletic performance (Earnest, 2002). Achieving energy balance is crucial for the athlete’s ability to consistently train at the intense levels needed for athleticRead MoreGuidelines For Increasing Reliability Of A Student Athlete1227 Words   |  5 PagesIntervention Data Collection Plan for Increasing Reliability Plan for Increasing Validity Definition of Terms 1. Athlete. A person possessing the natural or acquired traits, such as strength, agility, and endurance that are necessary for physical exercise or sports, especially those performed in competitive contexts. 2. Collegiate/student athlete. A student-athlete is a student whose enrollment was solicited by a member of the athletics staff or other representative of athletic interestsRead MoreEating Habits And The Athletes848 Words   |  4 PagesWhen the athletes were asked to describe their eating habits, 32.7% of the athletes listed their eating habits were â€Å"good†. When 65.4% of athletes listed there habits as â€Å"fair†. Only 10.9% of the athletes listed that their eating habits were â€Å"poor†. Table1 Described Eating Habits Eating Habit Percent (%) Good 32.7 Fair 65.4 Poor 10.9 The athletes were asked to list their three most common places that they would go to eat. The most common food establishments chosen by the athletes were: SubwayRead MoreDevelopment Of Nutritional Information For The Uc Merced Varsity Athlete4896 Words   |  20 PagesDEVELOPMENT OF NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION FOR THE UC MERCED VARSITY ATHLETE BY Allen McCreary Concordia University Irvine MCAA 550 Research Methods Analysis June, 15th 2015 Prof. Dr. Kent Schlichtemeier Chapter 1 Introduction Having spent the past Fifteen years coaching women’s volleyball, I have witnessed many performance issues that come with a lack of nutrition from female athletes as well as my daughters. I am a Head coach for a small college in Merced California. It isRead MoreNutrition : The Primary Goal Of Sports Nutrition1260 Words   |  6 PagesOverview of Sports Nutrition The primary goal of sports nutrition is to achieve energy balance by ensuring an adequate caloric intake in the correct proportion of macronutrients (American Dietetic Association, 2000). These recommendations coupled with the need for quality training and adequate rest are the cornerstones for optimal athletic performance (Earnest, 2002). Achieving energy balance is crucial for the athlete’s ability to consistently train at the intense levels needed for athletic successRead MoreGeneral Knowledge Nutrition On Male Fitness And Muscle Model2868 Words   |  12 Pagesabout the general nutrition knowledge of male fitness and muscle World beauty fashion and fitness models, and the sources they use to augment that knowledge base. Understanding the level of nutrition knowledge in this group of athletes will better inform the dietetic community of this group of individuals. Purpose: To evaluate the general nutrition knowledge Methods: Results: The athletes scored section A: 79%, section B: 87%, section C: 77%, section D: 66%. A total knowledge score of 82% was achievedRead MoreNutrition After Joining The Powerlifting Team989 Words   |  4 PagesI first fell in love with nutrition after joining the powerlifting team in high school. Our team, including myself, would wait until the last minute to lose weight for competitions by running outside wearing garbage bags, starving ourselves the day of weigh-ins, and spitting in water bottles to lose water weight. These extreme dieting strategies took a toll on our overall success at competitions and my personal growth as an athlete. I knew I needed to make a change, starting with my diet. AfterRead MoreHigh School Of The Arts1140 Words   |  5 PagesBachelor of Arts in dance, a Cultures and Communities Certificate, and a Nutrition Certificate. My athletic involvement in dance led me to develop an interest in healthy eating. This widened my eyes to learn about the rising obesity epidemic, its relationship to chronic diseases, and how to minimize the risk of their development with diet and exercise. I returned to UWM in 2012 to earn my Bachelor of Sciences in Nutritional Sciences. I will graduate this May. Then I will continue at UW-Green BayRead MoreWhat Your Career Plans Is Your Academic Interests Or Plans For Future Study963 Words   |  4 Pagesacademic interests or plans for future study. My goal is to become a Registered Dietitian and provide healthy eating resources in various community settings. My two special interests in nutrition is nutrition for adolescent athletes to support their growth and development as well as their performance, and nutrition for disease prevention and management for adults. My first degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is a Bachlor of Arts in dance. I am also a health screener for Interactive HealthRead MoreDescribe The Structure And Function Of The Digestive System970 Words   |  4 PagesP1 Describe nutrition, including nutritional requirements using recommended guidelines from public health sources associated with nutrition Nutrition macronutrients †¢ carbohydrates, †¢ proteins, †¢ fats Nutrition micronutrients †¢ vitamins, †¢ fibre Research and define nutritional requirements †¢ Recommended Daily Allowance, RDA †¢ Optimum Level, OL †¢ Safe Intake, SI †¢ Estimated Average Requirements, EAR To achieve P1: Write a report or essay that describes nutrition. Part 1 Structure

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Chronic Diseases of Lifestyle Free Essays

Many people do not think about the long-term health implications of their lifestyle choices. Most of us seem to think â€Å"it won’t happen to me† when it comes to chronic diseases. Since we all know that we can safely eat a candy or even as many as thousands of candies or lay on the couch watching television day after day without seeing any immediate harmful effects, it can be difficult to imagine that we are slowly developing chronic diseases over time. We will write a custom essay sample on Chronic Diseases of Lifestyle or any similar topic only for you Order Now This concept of developing diseases over time from the specific lifestyle choices that each of us makes, is known as chronic diseases of lifestyle (CDL). It is unfortunate that these chronic diseases of lifestyle are becoming the norm in Canada. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, â€Å"the four leading causes of preventable deaths and disabilities in Canada are cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and lung disease†. 1 Other preventable diseases associated with the typical Canadian lifestyle include obesity, gallstones, osteoporosis, and gastrointestinal conditions such as constipation, diverticular disease, and hemorrhoids. This risk of developing the aforementioned diseases can be greatly reduced simply by making changes to our diets, refraining from using cigarettes and other substances, and adding exercise as part of our daily routines. Overweight and obesity are on the rise in Canada. This is likely not shocking news to most Canadians as it has been continually climbing for decades now. According to Statistics Canada, â€Å"nearly one in four of all Canadian adults are obese†. 2 Obesity is defined as having an excessive amount of body fat. In quantifiable terms, a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or over is considered obese. Some of the factors leading to Canada’s rising obesity rates include our reliance on labour-saving devices, inactive lifestyles, huge portion sizes, and increased consumption of processed and refined foods. Obesity carries with it many long-term health risks such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, as well as some types of cancer. Making dietary changes, increasing physical activity, and losing weight can have a significant impact on reducing the risk of becoming obese and on developing a related disease. Increasing intake of dietary fibre, decreasing intake of fats and sugars, controlling calories, and exercising are all excellent ways of positively influencing the risk of obesity. Obesity is a major risk factor for type 2 diabetes. â€Å"Nearly 80% of people with type 2 diabetes are also obese†. 4 The increased dietary intake of most obese people contributes to the high blood glucose levels characteristic of diabetes. Over time, the high blood glucose levels associated with diabetes can lead to other serious health problems. An important factor in the development of type 2 diabetes is rapid digestion and absorption of sugar and starch which causes blood glucose levels to rise. Lack of dietary fibre allows for rapid digestion and absorption of starch since fibre usually slows down the digestion and absorption of glucose. So in short, the three key factors that affect the risk of type 2 diabetes are overweight or obesity, exercise and intake of fibre. Coronary heart disease and hypertension make up the cardiovascular diseases which are the leading cause of death among Canadians. The main risk factor for coronary heart disease (CHD) is high blood cholesterol. Other risk factors include diabetes, overweight/ obesity, high blood pressure, smoking, lack of physical activity, unhealthy diet, and stress. It appears that there is a pattern developing of the lifestyle choices and related chronic diseases of lifestyle. So what is CHD? CHD is a disease caused by the build-up of plaque in the arteries. This build-up of plaque, which is known as atherosclerosis, blocks the flow of blood to the heart muscle which can result in a heart attack. In order to reduce the risk of CHD, it is important to lower LDL cholesterol. This can be done by lowering intake of fat, especially saturated and trans fat. It is also helpful to increase intake of viscous or soluble fibre since it binds cholesterol with bile juices and slows cholesterol production through bacterial fermentation. Certain nutrients, phytochemicals, and antioxidants slow the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, thus slowing the growth of artery clogging plaque. The dominant risk factor for strokes is hypertension or high blood pressure. Other risk factors include atherosclerosis, diabetes, and obesity. As we already know, all of these risk factors can be prevented and the biggest weapon for prevention is diet. The best prevention technique is to lower intake of sodium. Other techniques to prevent hypertension are weight management, adequate potassium intake, decreased alcohol and caffeine consumption, and exercise. â€Å"Cancer can be attributed to as many of 30% of all deaths of Canadian adults making it the second leading cause of deaths among Canadians. 1 The many different types of cancer are often influenced by our lifestyle choices. The causes of cancer are plentiful but the leading three causes are tobacco use, overweight/ obesity (diet), and physical inactivity. Increased intake of fruits and vegetables and of course not smoking are helpful in preventing lung cancer. Fibre is linked to a decreased risk of colon cancer. Obesity is the dominant risk factor for breast cancer. Cancer prevention is aided by a di et consistently high in intakes of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and their phytochemicals. There is clearly a common theme in the prevention of chronic diseases of lifestyle: Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, practice weight management, exercise daily, and don’t smoke! It is also clear that all of the chronic diseases of lifestyle are related to one another so if you develop one of them, you are at an increased risk for developing the others. Making just small changes to your lifestyle can have a significant impact on your risk of developing a CDL. It is obvious that increasing fibre intake is very beneficial in the prevention of certain diseases, as well as limiting fat, sodium, and sugar intake. It’s amazing that these simple changes can prevent the development of many of the diseases that Canadians suffer and die from everyday. All of the chronic diseases of lifestyle are related to each other and therefore, all are preventable. Since these diseases can often develop over a period of many years without any symptoms, we can slowly be slowly developing deadly diseases without even knowing it. That is why it is important to take preventative action now. How to cite Chronic Diseases of Lifestyle, Papers

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Zongshen free essay sample

All of buly integrating them into the production. This change led Zongshen to improve its capabilities and to become a parts manufacturer. Manufacturing parts and using parts that it produced to assemble engines were a new objective of Zongshen. In order to improving quality and reliability of parts that it produced as well as to reduce production costs, Zongshen started applying advanced technology tools such as computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing to its product development. Besides, Zongshen also sought manufacturing consultant from former Honda employees and visited its competitors and prospective partners like Harley-Davidson in the United State. As a result, Zongshen was stood out in the common manufacturers throughout the country. Despite of the ability of producing parts in house; Zongshen still needed to purchase materials for its manufacturing. Zou understood that it would be a problem if Zongshen relied heavily on a small number of suppliers. Therefore, Zongshen worked with multiple suppliers for each part so that it could get competitive pricing. We will write a custom essay sample on Zongshen or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Consequently, it led to significantly reduce influences of suppliers. * Identify and analyze the factors that now make Zongshen’s value chain is now a source of innovation. There are few factors that lead Zongshen’s value chain to become a source of innovation. First, the technique that Zongshen used to raise its financial capital is very artful. Instead of following the tradition method which is through an initial public offering (IPO), Zongshen use another technique called â€Å"Reverse Merger† or â€Å"Backdoor Merger†. The technique can be described in detail that Zongshen had a target list of companies which had an existing list but lack of assets or liabilities. Once Zongshen could attain one from the list, it would merge its assets into. This technique is very critical to success of Zongshen. In fact, when it became the largest shareholder of a Chengdu company, it divested the assets of the original company and inserted its own assets from the engine company. As the result, it turned into the largest engine manufacturer in the Chinese motorcycle industry. Second, Zongshen was very excellent in catching up the trend of market. As they explained, they predicted a very fast growing opportunity in the China market for gasoline and electric motorcycles. In fact, there would be an increase in numbers of consumers who were willing to pay a premium to purchase for superior products. Besides, the Chinese policies would be stricter on safety and emission. These two conditions would be significant factors that reduced numbers of motorcycle companies, especially when the companies could not satisfy these perspectives. Consequently, Zongshen had invested in new technology and manufacturing facilities, as well as merged the gas and electronic motorcycle businesses of ZPP and ZIG in order to improve its operational collaborations. Third, Zongshen was always looking for advanced technologies and applying these technologies to optimization for its productions. Achieving in producing proton exchange membranes (PEM) which is a key element to produce hydrogen fuel cells is an example. The technology was applied in producing e-bikes and helped increase its sale volume dramatically. In fact, the sale volume of its premium e-bikes quickly escalated from 50,000 units in 2007 to over 220,000 units in 2008. Fourth, Zongshen was always seeking opportunities in corporation and development. They would invite a potential partner to visit its subsidiaries and to see if the company’s objectives complied with the development strategy of Zongshen. Besides, they established a network of technical advisors to give them recommendations on acquisition of technologies. For instance, in case they needed to know about lithium battery, they would hire consultants from the International Lithium Battery Association. Use Teece’s Model to explore the firm’s transformation. In the beginning, the firm could find it very difficult to become a successor if the Chinese regulations were strict on violations of intellectual properties. With a small initial investment about CNY 500,000, the firm could not be able to operate a Ramp;D center. Even if they could create a new product, it could not compete with Japanese engines, which were considered as dominant designs in the industry. Fortunately, the government ignored the fact that designs of Japanese engines were being duplicated. It created a chance for Zongshen as well as others assemblers to assemble motorcycles that were similar to Japanese products but had very competitive prices. When becoming mature, Zongshen strived to control complementary assets, and it can be noticed in several stages of its development. First, acquiring a Chengdu company in 2003 which was a steel producer led Zongshen to become the largest engine manufacturer in the Chinese motorcycle industry. Second, buying PEM Technologies through Norstar Venture in Canada led Zongshen to be able to control the technology manufacturing proton exchange membranes, a key element in producing hydrogen fuel cell. Having this technology, Zongshen became very successful in manufacturing and selling e-bikes. In fact, its two subsidiaries could produce 350,000 units of e-bike a year. Its sale volume increased dramatically from 50,000 units in 2007 to 220,000 units in 2008. Moreover, Zongshen enhanced its effectiveness by collaborating with other established firms. Piaggio, for instance, became its partner in exploring rural markets. The corporation set up a new company and planned to manufacture 100,000 scooters a year. As a part of the new joint venture agreement, Zongshen would supply the company with a significant amount of parts. In fact, by 2005, Zongshen provided 35% of accessories and components of the scooter. It was expectedly increased by 50% in 2006. * From a strategic perspective: what resources, capabilities, and core competencies did the firm possess that facilitated its transition from copying knowledge to creating it? The resources, capabilities, and core competencies that Zongshen possessed create a tremendous foundation for it to become an innovator. It can be explained as several different factors. First, its human resources are among key factors leading to innovation. Zongshen was an established firm and had more than 10 years of experience in the Chinese motorcycle industry. Certainly, its employees obtained a lot of experience and knowledge in designing, developing, and manufacturing motorcycles as well as small gasoline engines such as lawn mowers, snow blowers, and related products. Besides, its top managers understood very well and applied successfully financial tactics to acquisitions during its development. These experience and knowledge are extremely valued to the transformation, and they require the involvement in practicing and working with the processes for a long period of time to be able to achieve. As the result, experience and knowledge that Zongshen’s employees and employers possessed are among crucial resources of its innovation. Second, being able to access to resources that lead to transform into innovation is another key capabilities that Zongshen possessed. This capability is established through its development and can be pointed out in several elements. The first element is about owning a Chengdu company, a steel manufacturer. This led Zongshen to be the largest engine producers in the Chinese motorcycle industry. The second element is about being the largest shareholder of PEM Technologies firm. Having the leading position, it generated Zongshen a treasured opportunity to approach PEM technology, which producing key elements of hydrogen fuel cells. The capabilities of controlling and applying PEM technology to its product development, Zongshen’s products became differentiated and accepted in the market. Sale volume of E-bikes, for instance, was increased dramatically to 200,000 units in 2008. The third factor is from a combination of technology and corporation. First, Zongshen’s management board recognized the benefits from use of technology to its product developments. In early years of its history, advanced software applications such as computer aided design, computer aided manufacturing, and computer numerical control were adopted to refine part designs and improve its production capability. Later on, Zongshen had established several Ramp;D centers serving its development strategies. Some of those were Zongshen PEM Chongquing Hydrogen Energy Ltd, researching a hydrogen fuel cell and another one in Erlang, developing its first innovation – Cyclone. Second, Zongshen established corporations that lead it to innovation. Some of the examples consist of that * It hired former employees of Honda to learn their work approaches and application of tools to help develop its product quality and upgrade its technology. worked with Swiss scientists in Canada in order to achieve PEM technology, * contracted a Taiwan industrial design firm to generate the finest design of Cyclone, and * cooperated with Piaggio to explore the rural market. * From a management perspective, what is a key problem that has emerged due to the firm’s transition from an imitator to an innovator? From a management perspective, the key problem that has emerged due to the firm’s transition fro m an imitator to and innovator is the challenge of looking for talented people who can lead it to result in intellectual property theft. Third, Zongshen may give up their advantage at innovation when involved in corporate venturing. In general, a corporate venture’s operation need to be independent of the parent firm’s supervisory in order to be successful. Therefore, the firm has to forgo the benefit of scale economies when engaging in corporate venturing. Plus, in case intellectual properties exist in the existing as well as new operations, the firm may find it more difficult to make use of this kind of asset. That is because the asset has to be assigned to the parent firm or the corporate venture.